Practical Shungite Applications

Shungite Water

A scientifically tested mineral that purifies water and air from many organic and inorganic compounds, Shungite provides strong protective & cleansing properties.
Shungite's unique molecular structure and carbon-based fullerenes are what makes this mineral so multi-functional and beneficial. It has the ability to detoxify on the physical and energy levels by eliminating toxic energies, kill pathogenic bacteria, remove pesticides, chlorine, and heavy metals.
Purifying Water: Detoxifies from heavy metals, enriches with oxygen, calcium, magnesium, antioxidants and other essential trace minerals.
How to prepare shungite water?
All the shungite sold on this website for water was already washed, but you may want to wash it once again. Please do not use any soap or detergent, just running water. If you purchase shungite pebbles or elite shungite crystals in a bag, use only Stainless steel or glass container, and place the shungite pebbles at the bottom. Pour cold water and wait at least an hour for the shungite to activate. Continue to refill the container with fresh water.
If you purchase glass water bottles with shungite in them, you may still want to wash the shungite, and just pour water. 

Shungite for home and office

It is important and useful to know, that even though shungite strongly diminishes EMF radiation, it does not absorb the negative energy, so it never gets "full" of it! Due to its unique molecular structure, shungite turns the negative energy into bio-energy, so our body can no longer get discombobulated. 

Another important fact, is that shungite does not interfere with wifi signal.

Different shapes emit different energy. While pyramids work stronger and send a energy a longer distance, I suggest you use them in office space, in front of the computers and on top of the computers.

Spheres, eggs and cubes are more appropriate for the space were you relax, living room and bedroom. 

An easy way to ground the room is to place a cube (or a pebble) in each corner of the room.

Ways to incorporate shungite

Raw unpolished shungite pieces have strong energy. They are great to be used in shungite water, bath and toner/mist spray. 

Tumbled stones and harmonizers can be used in meditation, carry it in your pocket or purse. They are small in size, so it makes it easy to take it on the trip. 

Meditation. Harmonizers are made from two different stones: shungite and soapstone. The black harmonizer is Shungite and the gray color is Soapstone that promotes positivity as it helps to soothe and balance your energy. Hold the Shungite in your left hand and the soapstone in your right hand while meditating. Shungite is more yin, receptive energy, while soapstone is more yang, active energy. 

Shungite for therapists. Harmonizers are a great way to take your healing session to a next level. Massage therapists, Reiki practitioners and Estheticians could give the harmonizers to hold to their clients while giving a session. It enhances the energy balancing for the client. 

Shungite jewelry. Wearing a shungite bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants is an easy way to add grounding and protection from damaging EMF. 

Shungite for elderly. Shungite's ability to relieve pain is incredible! Drinking shungite water, wearing shungite jewelry and having few spheres and cubes in the house are recommended. 

Shungite for children. Children could also take advantage of beneficial shungite's properties. Technologies attract and overstimulate child's upper chakras, especially with the overuse of computer games. Most children nowadays are overstimulated and that creates hypersensitivity. 

Simply wearing a pendant and/or a bracelet and having harmonizers in their room are very beneficial.

Shungite for animalsOur furry kids are affected by EMF radiation as much as we are. As a matter of fact these rays are even more dangerous to them than they are to a human body, because their bodies are smaller. Adding a shungite pendant onto their color and adding few pebbles of raw shungite in their water bowl are enough to protect them. 

Shungite for garden. Shungite raw or tumbled pebbles can be scattered around the garden and around the plants. It has been noticed (by myself as well) that fruits and vegetables bear more and bigger fruits when shungite is used. It detoxifies the soil and enhances with essential minerals. 

Shungite for your car. When we spend time in our cars, we are cut off from the direct connection to earth. Our bioenergetic measurements prove that just being seated in a closed automobile, without even the motor running, shrinks our vital field by at least 15%. In addition, the running motor, GPS, cell phone use, the interior becomes saturated with electromagnetic waves. How to protect yourself in the car or on the airplane? Carrying harmonizers, wearing shungite bracelet, pendant, earrings and/or pendant helps us withstand the energetic disturbances.