What is Shungite?

A rare mineral that formed about 2.5 billion years ago in Karelia region of Russia, where it has been used for centuries in various healing practices.
A scientifically tested mineral that purifies water and air from many organic and inorganic compounds, Shungite provides strong protective & cleansing properties.
Shungite's unique molecular structure and carbon-based fullerenes are what makes this mineral so multi-functional and beneficial. It has the ability to detoxify on the physical and energy levels by eliminating toxic energies, kill pathogenic bacteria, remove pesticides, chlorine, and heavy metals.
What can it do for you?
While Wearing: Personal EMF protection. Guard against harmful WiFi, 5G, microwaves etc wavelengths.
Purifying Water: Detoxifies from heavy metals, enriches with oxygen, calcium, magnesium, antioxidants and other essential trace minerals.
Topical Applications: Purifies skin of environmental pollution and stressors. Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging. Uplifting and relaxing.
Home Protection: When placed around the house/office various shapes will provide grounding/protection/energy balance/enhance productivity/increase fertility (human/plants).
Grounding: Root Chakra balancing via meditation will relieve stress, fatigue, headaches, increase energy, improve mental clarity.